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Some people

don't seem to really want to be your friend...never make comments to your posts...never respond to any comments you make to their posts...act like you don't exist...why is it that you keep them...are the numbers really that important?


if any of you Colorado types can help us load our truck on Thursday afternoon or evening (for our move to Atlanta) , it would be beyond greatly appreciated ... oh, and pizza and soda/beer will be provided.

Journal Change

My journal is now friends only, except for select entries which I will post publicly. If you would like to be my friend, post your request here. Thank you; and hugs to all of my friends, who are wonderful; and who I gladly and appreciatively share worlds and lives with!!!


1. You pay 6 bucks for cigarettes that match your outfit
2. You wear sunglasses in the produce department at night
3. You won't get in a fight because it might smudge your make up
4. You wake up still drunk at 3 in the afternoon with anonymous black lipstick on your face
5. People can't tell whether you're searching for a missing contact or dancing
6. The only day you feel normal is Halloween
7. You don't know whether the person you're sleeping with is male or female until you're actually in bed with them
8. You don't care
9. The shade of powder you wear is called "Sheet Of Paper"
10. You were rooting for the vampires in "From Dusk Til Dawn", "Lost Boys", etc.
11. The Count was your favorite Sesame Street character as a child
12. You watch Sesame Street as an adult just to see The Count
13. You wear long, velvet coats in the middle of summer
14. You go to Denny's at 5 in the morning and think, "These are my people"
15. You think dead flowers are prettier than live ones
16. You think anything dead is pretty
17. You refer to your age in mortal years
18. You give yourself the honorary title of Lord or Lady
19. You know what a Malkavian is
20. You know what a Malkavian is because you've been there, done that
21. You have the t-shirt
22. You dressed as The Crow for Halloween one year
23. You have dressed as The Crow for Halloween the past few years
24. The club you frequent has concocted an original drink called "The Vampire's Kiss"
25. You buy $15 fishnets and rip them on purpose
26. You think blood is "pretty"
27. Your combat boots cost more than it takes to feed a third world child for two years
28. You've willingly undergone cosmetic dental surgery
29. You own 16 or more Cleopatra c.d.'s
30. You own even 1 Projekt c.d.
31. Friday the Thirteenth is your lucky day
32. You can't decide whether Morticia Addams or Lily Munster is prettier
33. You decide Wednesday blows them both away
34. You could easily blow $500 in a Halloween store
35. You could spend all $500 on just make up
36. You were disappointed to find out that "American Gothic" is a portrait of two farmers
37. You claim the Chupacabra is a friend/relative of yours
38. You own a hearse
39. You own a hearse and don't work in a funeral parlor
40. You keep a coffin in the back as "decoration"
41. You keep a coffin in the back as a bed
42. You think of the hearse as the "family car"
43. You think heresy is a religion
44. You claim heresy as YOUR religion
45. You own a rosary that you wear
46. You own many rosaries that you wear
47. You own a glow-in-the-dark rosary that alternates between your neck and the rearview mirror in your car
48. You fashion your eyeliner after a culture that's been dead over 2000 years
49. You wish to name your first born Lestat
50. You plan to name your first born after ANY Anne Rice character
51. You didn't know they were characters
52. Your purse is large, square and metal
53. The purse has scratches from being used in a fight
54. It has scratches from being kicked on the dance floor
55. This is the reason it was scratched in a fight
56. You think bats are "cute"
57. You argue on whether Poppy Z. Brite or Anne Rice has the more realistic view on vampires
58. You can debate both sides of that argument
59. You've participated in one of those "Do you think Tom Cruise was good as Lestat?" conversations
60. You've started one of those conversations
61. You saw Valor on the street, you would throw your large, metal purse at him
62. You and your friends enjoy congregating in a local graveyard
63. No one you know is buried there
64. You and your friends take lengthy drives to visit non-local graveyards
65. You take pictures of the gravestones while reciting Oscar Wylde or singing "Cemetry Gates" by The Smiths
66. You know the words to "Cemetry Gates" by The Smiths
67. You know who The Smiths are
68. Your favorite poem is "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe
69. Your favorite poem is "Metamorphosis of a Vampire" by Charles Baudelaire
70. You spell Vampire either Vampyre or Vamphyre
71. Your boyfriend complains that his ribs just don't stick out the way they used to
72. Your girlfriend complains that you look better in her black, velvet skirt than she does
73. You refer to others as "The Normals"
74. You refer to our leather-clad brethren as "Those Industrialites" or "Industrial-heads"
75. You go to South Beach, but have never seen the ocean
76. You can reminisce through all 4 locations of The Kitchen Club and 2 of The Church
77. You put on The Wake and practice dancing in front of the mirror
78. You practice with your own personal strobe AND blacklight
79. You are too poor to afford either and stole the lights off the Christmas tree
80. You can't even tell whether you're looking for a missing contact or dancing
81. You are happy when no one has ever heard of your favorite band
82. When someone else "discovers" your favorite band, you find another favorite band
83. Christians accost you with pamphlets on the street frequently
84. Jehovah's Witnesses accost you with pamphlets on the street frequently
85. You accost Christians with pamphlets on the street
86. Satanists just look at you and smile
87. You laugh hysterically during those Church Of Latter-Day Saints commercials
88. You call for the free Bible anyway
89. You take great pleasure in vandalizing said Bible after waiting impatiently by your mailbox for 4-6 weeks
90. You stop vandalizing the Bible momentarily to look up Psalm 69
91. In your honest opinion, the image of Jesus ruins the beauty and natural fluidity of the cross
92. You've been with your significant other for over a year and still wonder what they look like without make up
93. You and your boyfriend fight over make up
94. You decide to get matching his/hers make up caddies to separate your make up
95. You smudge your lipstick on purpose to look like Robert Smith
96. You eat those limited edition pop-tarts just because they have bats on them
97. You save them because Hey!...they're limited edition
98. You call them goth-tarts
99. You know what Renfield's Disease is
100. You have Renfield's Disease
101. You have taken anything on this list personally
102. You were offended

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